IL Castello dei Destini incrociati

november 2013 – november 2015


In the Rocca, the 17th century room is transformed into RAGNATELA DI LUCE. Donatella Bagnoli’s strands of pearls are interwoven with Duccio Nacci’s cobwebs, creating an enchanted forest, which entraps the visitor, and one’s senses, as one passes through it.
Arachne, woman,challenges the sky, embroidering the air. The morning cobweb is studded with drops of dew. A trembling jewel of wind frames the emptiness: not absence, but everything, in a cyclical flow. Traversed by butterflies, the web chases clouds, and captures the gaze, the scent of the night, the trembling of a leaf, the silence of snow, narrating, the changing infinite of the universe.
Duccio’s shifting, changing webs descend into space, transparently. The installation alters as light passes through, it never stays the same, regaling us with renewed wonder, through time. Each thread, every carefully produced filament, is an attempt to freeze the beauty of a moment, which the artist overcomes by offering his work to the light. Duccio Nacci gives us not the fixity of a fragment, but the fluidity of an eternal state of becoming, revealing the secret of Arachne.

La Fondazione La Rocca di Staggia.
Donatella Bagnoli/Francesco Bruni/Gianni Gronchi/Duccio Nacci/Cecco Ragni